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Talleres Lozano Mecanizados, S.L., experience in the machining series covers any amount, large, medium, small, prototype parts, approval, spare parts and large parts. In the machining area we have the necessary machinery for their manufacture, repair solutions offering both installations and all kinds of machinery. In addition to sufficient human resources to carry this out with professionalism.

The experience in the machining

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We provide our means for making different types of machining. We have advanced and modern for performing complex machining operations technology.
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In the area of machining from drawings or samples, we perform machining all kinds of pieces based on materials as diverse as iron, steel, special steel, aluminum, copper, steel, bronze, brass …
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Manufacture of small series or large pieces, with prices adjusted lot sizes.

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We develop the parts that require our customers at competitive prices as the original parts.

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Study of the designs submitted by customers to make a proposal and manufacture at very competitive prices.

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Do you need budget? Contact us
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